Calabria's boat history began in 1987 with the introduction of our first tournament boat, the Shortline Comp™. Over the past years of building inboard and outboard ski boats from our factory in Merced, California many things have changed in the industry, but many things have stayed the same. Change and evolution has lead us to our new factory in Columbus, Georgia. Much of our current production consist of the Team V, Pro V, Pro V II and the Cal-Air, thanks to our patented hull and ballast system creating an iconic surf wave. Still around, and as popular as ever, are the Shortline Comp™, the Pro Comp™, the Laguna™ and the Barefooter™. These tried and tested boats have a strong competition heritage derived from our sponsorship of many major ski tournaments. As most of you know, there are many landmarks and pinnacles in the world of waterskiing and boat building, of these we have strived to and achieved many.

We have pulled major championship tournaments such as the US Open and the US Waterski Nationals, the US Waterski Team Trials and the South East Asia Games XIV, the European Splash for Cash and many, many more. We have received numerous awards over the years including Ski Boat of the Year and the Engineering Excellence Award from Hot Boat Magazine and have been anointed the "...Cadillac of tournament ski boats" by Ski Boat Magazine.

Pretty tough stuff, but most of our customers seem more interested in the sun, the fun, the good friends and the good times than any awards or accolades. We understand this, but we also understand that being on the water is an experience unlike any other in life. It's about the fun and relaxation, challenging yourself to do better and getting back in touch with your family, friends and with yourself.

At a time when all the other ski boat manufactures seem to offer comparable claims of craftsmanship and quality, none stand out like the Calabria in engineering excellence, advanced construction techniques and overall innovations. The details are what seperate Calabria from the field. Combining the finest components with expert design and engineering, we are committed to producing tow vehicles that not only ski well and are beautiful, but that are built to last for a lifetime. We love our days on the water boating and skiing. We want you to love them as well.

We just want you to know that despite all the cutting edge technology we are about to introduce to you in this website, if we may seem a little bit old fashioned, well, we're okay with that.